'Gilmore Girls' revival: A complete guide to where every character left off

by Allyson Koerner
Oct 10, 2016 at 10:39 a.m. ET

We know we're not the only ones who've been salivating over the Gilmore Girls revival since it was announced in early 2016. (Am I right?) Finally the end is nigh — with the four-episode return to Netflix, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, set to launch on Nov. 25 — and all of us die-hard fans are going to be put out of our misery. If you too are planning to spend this Black Friday cozied up with some cold turkey and your two favorite girls, here's a quick cheat sheet to catch up on who's coming back to Stars Hollow before the binge-watching begins.

1 /35: Lorelai Gilmore

1/35 :Lorelai Gilmore

Lauren Graham is ready to get back into the groove of Lorelai Gilmore. As fans probably recall, by the end of Season 7, Lorelai's Dragonfly Inn was a huge success, she was on good terms with her parents, and she had to say goodbye to Rory. Most important, after way too long of being apart, Lorelai finally reunited with Luke. Lorelai and Luke forever!

2/35 :Rory Gilmore

Alexis Bledel will always be Rory Gilmore, right? Anyways, last fans saw her, Rory graduated from Yale and scored a job following President Barack Obama on his presidential campaign trail. As exciting as that news was, part of Rory's storyline left some fans heartbroken, as she turned down Logan's proposal. That said, at least her first job out of college was an exciting one. There's no doubt Rory definitely earned it.

3/35 :Emily Gilmore

Despite having to say goodbye to her beloved granddaughter, Rory, Emily's relationship with Lorelai blossomed into something beautiful. The series ended with the two still getting their jabs in at each other, but that's how they showed love. Heck, even their tradition of Friday night dinners continued. They really did grow as a mother-daughter duo. The same can be said for Richard, who had quite the bond with both Rory and Lorelai. Sadly, Richard will not be part of the revival, as actor Edward Herrmann died in 2014. 

4 /35: Luke Danes

4/35 :Luke Danes

Not only did the last episode show Luke planning a memorable going away party for Rory, but it showed his highly anticipated reunion with Lorelai. Seriously, these two were meant to be. Oh, and, of course, Luke was still running his diner (Luke's) that served some of the best coffee around and always banned the use of cellphones. 

5 /35: Sookie St. James

5/35 :Sookie St. James

Last fans saw Sookie, not only was she pregnant again (thanks to Jackson not getting a vasectomy), but she was still busy living it up as an amazing chef at the Dragonfly Inn and being besties with Lorelai

6/35 :Jess Mariano

Jess Mariano. You either loved or hated this bad boy, but, really, how could you not fall for him a little bit? I mean, remember that leather jacket and his love of books? Try and tell me you don't find that charming. Anyways, even though he and Rory didn't last as a couple, Jess made a name for himself by writing his own book and getting into the publishing world.

7/35 :Dean Forester

Oh, Dean Forester. Despite being Rory's first love, their relationship ended, thanks to Rory falling for Jess. They did rekindle their romance for a short while. Remember that time Rory lost her virginity to Dean, while he was married to Lindsay? As for Dean's career, he never went to college, mainly because got married so young. He found work in construction and even helped build the Dragonfly Inn. Other than that, he and Rory tried to date again, but they fizzled out.

8 /35: Logan Huntzberger

8/35 :Logan Huntzberger

Well, fans remember what happened to Logan. How could they not? After dating for quite a while, Rory turned down his proposal. Obviously, Logan was heartbroken, but he did find success professionally. Logan ended up leaving the East Coast and headed to California for a new job.

9 /35: Lane Kim

9/35 :Lane Kim

Obviously, Lane and Rory remained best friends. Lane also married Zach and they ended up having twin boys, Steve and Kwan. Unlike Rory, Lane stayed in Stars Hollow with her family. As for Zach, with a little push from Lane, he went on tour with a band. Here's hoping they are still playing gigs as Hep Alien.

10 /35: Paris Geller

10/35 :Paris Geller

Paris Geller, Gilmore Girls wouldn't have been the same without you. At first, Paris was very unlikable, but eventually, she became one of the most beloved characters — and best friends with Rory. Like Rory, Paris graduated from Yale. Her post-graduation plans included going to Harvard Medical School to become a doctor. Yes, she and Doyle stayed together, because, well, they were perfect for each other.

11 /35: Doyle McMaster

11/35 :Doyle McMaster

As metioned in the previous slide, Doyle and Paris stayed together (here's hoping they're still an item). Actually, Paris tried breaking up with Doyle at the end of the series, because that's what college couples do, and so she could fully focus on her career. However, Doyle wouldn't let her and they remained together. With that, do you think Doyle is still a newspaper editor? 

12 /35: Christopher Hayden

12/35 :Christopher Hayden

The dreadful Christopher. When he wasn't being a terrible partner for Lorelai, he was busy being horrible in general and causing friction between Luke and Lorelai. Did anyone ever really like Christopher? Whatever the case, he and Lorelai officially cut all romantic ties but ended up on good terms. He even went to Rory's graduation from Yale.

13 /35: Kirk Gleason

13/35 :Kirk Gleason

Kirk will forever be the most interesting Stars Hollow resident. Not only did he hold every job imaginable throughtout the series, but his friendship with Luke and relationship with Lulu were unforgettable. At the end of the series, he even took on the role of DJ at Rory's bon voyage party.

14 /35: Michel Gerard

14/35 :Michel Gerard

Despite his dog Chin-Chin passing away in Season 7, Michel still continued his job at the Dragonfly Inn. He never lost his touch in always speaking the truth and being super sarcastic, aka Michel's best qualities.

15 /35: Gypsy

15/35 :Gypsy

For those who don't recall, Gypsy ran and owned the only car repair place in Stars Hollow. That's exactly where fans last saw her.

16/35 :Miss Patty

When Miss Patty wasn't telling elaborate stories from her days as an actress, she was busy running her Stars Hollow dance studio, aka Miss Patty's Dance School. Do you think she's still teaching the little ones dance? Here's hoping.

17 /35: Babette

17/35 :Babette

When she wasn't busy being Rory and Lorelai's busybody neighbor, Babette was always loving on her cats, her husband, Morey, and living in a house that was pretty much like a dollhouse. Let's hope she is still living next to Lorelai and being her hilarious self.

18 /35: Finn

18/35 :Finn

Do you remember Logan's friend, Finn? He was the hilarious one with an Australian accent. I'm going to guess, like Logan and Rory, he even graduated from Yale. From time to time, he'd even hit on Rory, who he'd always ask, "Have we met before?" That better be what he says if/when he sees her during the revival.

19 /35: Taylor Doose

19/35 :Taylor Doose

Taylor Doose is one character Gilmore Girls fans will never forget. He was in charge of Doose's Market, ran town meetings and was always irritating Luke. He never changed, either.

20 /35: Andrew

20/35 :Andrew

He wasn't one of the more well-known characters, but Andrew was known for running Stars Hollow Books and for popping up around random episodes. 

21 /35: Mrs. Kim

21/35 :Mrs. Kim

Despite her stern parenting over Lane, most fans adored Mrs. Kim for her hilarious reactions to situations and respected her for running a succsesful antique shop. Last fans saw Mrs. Kim, she was proud of Lane for growing into a strong woman, wife and mother. Even though their relationship was contentious at times, Lane and Mrs. Kim found respect for another along the way (kind of like Lorelai and Emily). Also, Mr. Kim was never featured, not even during the series finale, so maybe she'll bring him along for the revival.

22 /35: Zach Van Gerbig

22/35 :Zach Van Gerbig

As metioned previously, Zach was last seen happily married to Lane, being a father to his twin boys and reluctantly hitting the road to tour with a band. Lane pushed him to follow his dreams, because she's just that amazing. Now, here's hoping Hep Alien is a major success and Zach and Lane are living their dreams as musicians.

23 /35: April Nardini

23/35 :April Nardini

April Nardini wasn't the most beloved Gilmore Girls character, and mainly because she was partially blamed for breaking up Luke and Lorelai. She came out of nowhere during Season 6 as Luke's daugther, who he had no idea about. Time and again, she'd pop up, but fans were probably glad when she moved to New Mexico with her mother. However, Luke didn't let her leave without a fight. He got partial custody and all thanks to Lorelai's emotional character reference.

24 /35: Paul Anka

24/35 :Paul Anka

Like every other Gilmore Girls character, Paul Anka was a huge part of Lorelai's life. In Season 6, she rescued him after having a very rare falling out with her daughter, Rory. From that moment on, Paul Anka (named after the famous singer) remained by Lorelai's side until the Season 7 finale. I can only imagine what Paul Anka has been up to since fans last saw him, but here's hoping he's still his quirky, adorable self.

25 /35: Caesar

25/35 :Caesar

As a recurring character in Gilmore Girls, Caesar was a chef at Luke's Diner. Just like Luke, he would get stressed from time to time, especially when there were a ton of customers. Eventually, Caesar wasn't seen or heard from, but clearly he is still around Stars Hollow. Either he's still working for Luke, has his very own restaurant, is now the chef at the Dragonfly Inn (Melissa McCarthy isn't seemingly returning, after all) or he is up to something completely different.

26 /35: Jackson Belleville

26/35 :Jackson Belleville

Despite Sookie St. James being MIA (for now) from the Gilmore Girls revival, Jackson Belleville is returning to Stars Hollow. Last fans saw, he was still married to Sookie, busy being a father to their two kids, Davey and Martha, lied to Sookie about getting a vasectomy (yes, she ended up pregnant with their third child), and was still the best farmer around town. I'm sure fans are now wondering, "If Jackson is back, where the heck does that leave Sookie?"

27 /35: Mitchum Huntzberger

27/35 :Mitchum Huntzberger

Logan and Rory definitely faced a lot of relationship issues thanks to his family, including Logan's father Mitchum Huntzberger. For example, the Huntzbergers weren't thrilled about the possibility of Rory becoming part of their family. That said, Mitchum gave Rory an internship at one of his newspapers. Eventually, he told Rory he didn't think she had what it takes to be in the journalism business, but ended up taking back his harsh words by offering Rory a helping hand in her career.

28 /35: Colin Mccrae

28/35 :Colin Mccrae

Like Logan and Finn, Colin was also a member of the Life and Death Brigade. Without fail, he and Finn were known for causing quite a ruckus at Yale and joking around with Rory. Who knows what Colin ended up doing with his life, but here's hoping he grew up a bit and is still friends with Logan and Finn, because who doesn't want to see the LDB reunited?

29 /35: Headmaster Charleston

29/35 :Headmaster Charleston

Obviously, Headmaster Charleston was known for his time at Chilton, the prestigious prep school Rory graduated from. He was a big part of the early Gilmore Girls episodes, but he also made an appearance in the series' final season. It's curious to hear that Headmaster Charleston will be returning for the revival, but why?

30/35 :Sophie Bloom

For those who don't recall, Sophie Bloom ran the music store in Stars Hollow. She only made a few appearances, especially when Lane was around. Here's hoping Sophie is joining the revival to hand over her store to Lane, because would anyone else make a better owner than music-obsessed Lane?

31 /35: Tom

31/35 :Tom

Tom was best known for helping Lorelai and Sookie build the Dragonfly Inn. He also popped up from time to time when anyone needed a contractor, like that time Lorelai's house needed work or that time Kirk drove the car through Luke's diner. Who knows if he's still acting as Stars Hollow's best contractor, but I'm sure Lorelai could always call upon him whenever she needs anything fixed.

32/35 :Gil

Soon after Dave left Hep Alien as guiatarist, Gil joined the band. When he wasn't busy rocking it out on stage alongside Lane, Zach and Brian, Gil was busy seen around town with his wife and their kids. I can only imagine that Gil is still playing guitar and embracing his musical talent, because he just loved music that much.

33/35 :Brian

Seeing as Lane, Zach, Gil and Brian are all returning that means there is going to be an epic Hep Alien reunion. Well, that's what is sure seems like and I'm sure all Gilmore Girls fans are hoping. Brian and his fellow band members were all last seen bringing their love of music to life, so I can only imagine (and wish) that's what they will still be doing in the GG revival.

34/35 :Lulu

Despite Kirk's night terrors, Lulu and he remained together by the time Gilmore Girls came to an end. In addition to dating Kirk, Lulu was also known for teaching at Star's Hollow Elementary School.

35/35 :Jason Stiles

Oh, Jason. Remember he once dated Lorelai? After he tried to sue Richard, Lorelai broke up with him. However, that didn't stop him from showing up during the Season 4 finale at the practice run of the Dragonfly Inn. Thankfully, his charm didn't work and that same evening Lorelai and Luke shared their frist kiss. 

Originally published Feb. 2016. Updated Oct. 2016.