Super Bowl 50: 20 Best moments from Coldplay, Beyoncé & Bruno Mars' halftime show

by Cailyn Cox
Feb 8, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. ET

You can't deny that Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars put on a stunning halftime show.

1 /19: Chris Martin

1/19 :Chris Martin

You couldn't look away from Chris Martin's colorful attire.

2 /19: Beyoncé & Bruno standoff

2/19 :Beyoncé & Bruno standoff

Beyoncé really proved why she's considered a fierce woman during this standoff.

3/19 :Dance-off

Super Bowl halftime veteran Bruno Mars made us insanely happy for his return.

4 /19: Beyoncé, Coldplay & Bruno

4/19 :Beyoncé, Coldplay & Bruno

It was the NFL's ultimate contest, but did this trio steal the show?

5 /19: On the field

5/19 :On the field

Beyoncé pays homage to the Black Panthers with her backup dancers.

6/19 :Hair flip

Queen Bey whipped her hair back and forth!

7/19 :Chris Martin

Did anyone else notice the script on the back of the piano? Here's what it means.

8 /19: More on-field action

8/19 :More on-field action

Bey caused great excitement when she dropped new hit, "Formation."

9/19 :Beyoncé

This outfit is everything! 

10 /19: Bruno Mars & his band

10/19 :Bruno Mars & his band

Black leather and gold chains is a good look for Bruno Mars.

11/19 :Get it, Bruno

Mars gave a very groovy performance to "Uptown Funk."

12 /19: Chris & Beyoncé

12/19 :Chris & Beyoncé

We could really feel the love in the arena.

13/19 :Slay!

Sorry, but anyone who says Beyoncé isn't an incredible performer is... well, a liar.

14 /19: Midair shot

14/19 :Midair shot

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin's performance was filled with energy. 

15 /19: Violinists

15/19 :Violinists

The violinists gave an unforgettable performance.

16 /19: Coldplay overhead

16/19 :Coldplay overhead

Headliners Coldplay pulled out all the stops....

17 /19: That drum set!

17/19 :That drum set!

There was no shortage of color.

18 /19: Hugging it out

18/19 :Hugging it out

This was undeniably one of the cutest moments of the halftime performance.

19 /19: "Believe In Love"

19/19 :"Believe In Love"

The love was brought to Super Bowl 50's halftime show.