Every Kardashian plastic surgery rumor all in one place

by Sarah Long
Mar 16, 2015 at 12:30 p.m. ET
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TMZ reported in December 2013 that Bruce was considering a procedure used to shave down a man's Adam's apple, which fueled speculation at the time that Bruce was considering gender reassignment surgery. At the time, Bruce denied he was transitioning, and TMZ has reported that he said he "never liked his trachea."

1 /21: Bruce Jenner's nose

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1/21 :Bruce Jenner's nose

Many people across the web have pointed out the fact that Bruce's nose has become more defined than it used to be, causing speculation that the former athlete has had at least one rhinoplasty.  

2 /21: Bruce Jenner's facelift

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2/21 :Bruce Jenner's facelift

Rumors also have run rampant that Bruce has had multiple face-lifts, because of a tighter look to his face.


3 /21: Bruce Jenner's lips

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3/21 :Bruce Jenner's lips

Bruce's lips do appear noticeably plumper, and one source told the National Enquirer that "he's injected so much crap into them to plump them up that they're also lumpy and prone to sores."  

4 /21: Bruce's transition

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4/21 :Bruce's transition

As Bruce's looks have changed over the past several years, rumors have run rampant that he is planning to have gender reassignment surgery.  Bruce's own mother has spoken on the topic, but he, himself, has yet to confirm that the transition is taking place.

5 /21: Bruce's nightmare

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5/21 :Bruce's nightmare

After Bruce's appearance had changed dramatically, rumors began to fly that he was addicted to plastic surgery and was suffering horrific ramifications. "Bruce is experiencing terrifying complications to his face, nose, neck, lips and breast," a reported inside source told the National Enquirer.  Bruce has not commented.

6 /21: Kendall's nose

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6/21 :Kendall's nose

In early 2014, a then-18-year-old Kendall surfaced with what some perceived to be a visibly thinner nose, causing internet sleuths to suggest both rhinoplasty and/or fillers around the area.  

7 /21: Khloé's Botox


7/21 :Khloé's Botox

After Khloé's separation from her husband, Lamar Odom, fans began noticing changes in the shape of the reality star's face, and many speculated she had begun dabbling with Botox.

8 /21: Khloé's lips

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8/21 :Khloé's lips

Khloé's lips also appeared noticeably fuller, and while some wondered if it was a clever makeup trick, others believed she had gotten injections.

9 /21: Khloé's nose

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9/21 :Khloé's nose

Khloé's nose also seemed a bit slimmer, and rumors of rhinoplasty circulated as well. Khloé denies all claims that she's ever had plastic surgery.



10 /21: Kim's weight reduction

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10/21 :Kim's weight reduction

After the birth of baby North, people began speculating that Kim had gone under the knife to help her get rid of excess baby weight, a rumor the reality TV star flat out denied. "I am very frustrated today seeing reports that I got surgery to lost [sic] my baby weight!  This is FALSE," Kim tweeted in early 2014. 

11 /21: Kim's butt implants

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11/21 :Kim's butt implants

With a booty that amazing, most people had a hard time believing it was au naturel, but Kim put all the rumors to rest on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in which she underwent an X-ray to prove she is butt implant-free.  

12 /21: Kim's nose

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12/21 :Kim's nose

During the summer of 2014, gossip began buzzing that in addition to the face fillers that Kim admits to, she also has undergone rhinoplasty. Kim has never copped to the procedure.

13 /21: Kim's hair alterations

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13/21 :Kim's hair alterations

Kim recently shocked everyone with the drastic changing of her hair from brunette to platinum blond, but was that all that she altered?  The internet blew up, saying Kim looked like an "alien" and had undergone some major facial reconstruction.  

14 /21: Kim's breasts

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14/21 :Kim's breasts

Kim's breasts are pretty much perfect, which has caused many to speculate that they are, in fact, the product of a boob augmentation. Kim denies the rumor.  

15 /21: Kourtney's nose job

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15/21 :Kourtney's nose job

Kourtney has copped to having her breasts augmented and dabbling with Botox, but there are some rumors out there that she has also had a rhinoplasty, which she has yet to confirm.

16 /21: Kris' facial fillers


16/21 :Kris' facial fillers

Kris has admitted to tinkering with her face in the past, and at the start of January 2015, fans began speculating that she had used fillers to plump up and smooth out her complexion. Plastic surgeons hypothesized with Hollywood Life that Kris had fillers injected into her cheeks, mouth and lower face, Botox around her eyes, as well as a chemical peel or laser treatment. No word yet from Kris on whether the speculations are true or not.

17 /21: Kylie's lips

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

17/21 :Kylie's lips

There's no denying that Kylie's lips are voluptuous, and rumors have been everywhere claiming she has had them augmented. But the entire Kardashian clan insists the 17-year-old's pumped-up pout is simply the result of skillful makeup trickery.

18 /21: Kylie's breasts

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

18/21 :Kylie's breasts

OK! Magazine reports that Kylie had a breast augmentation, which she denies.  

19 /21: Kylie's chin implant

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

19/21 :Kylie's chin implant

Rumors are also saying the teen has completely tweaked the lower half of her face.



20 /21: Kylie's eyebrow lift

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

20/21 :Kylie's eyebrow lift

... and eyelid surgery... and her eyes.

21 /21: Kylie's nose

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

21/21 :Kylie's nose

Again, Kylie and the rest of the family deny all seven of the reported surgeries performed on the youngest member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan.