14 Movies and TV shows that educate kids about diversity and race

by Julie Sprankles
Feb 11, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. ET

This smart PBS cartoon's title character, Sid, is a little boy from an awesome interracial family

1 /13: 'Akeelah And The Bee'

1/13 :'Akeelah And The Bee'

Eleven-year-old Akeelah, an African-American girl from South L.A., competes in the National Spelling Bee.

2 /13: 'Dora the Explorer'

2/13 :'Dora the Explorer'

A bilingual Latina, little Dora teaches kids about other languages and cultures through her many adventures.

3 /13: 'Go, Diego, Go'

3/13 :'Go, Diego, Go'

In the companion series to Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer, Diego is a multilingual Hispanic boy.

4 /13: 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

4/13 :'To Kill a Mockingbird'

In this classic tale, Scout Finch's father, Atticus, defends an African-American man in a sleepy southern town.

5 /13: 'Doc McStuffins'

5/13 :'Doc McStuffins'

The title character of this too-cute series is an African-American girl who aspires to be a doctor.

6 /13: 'The Secret Life of Bees'

6/13 :'The Secret Life of Bees'

This book turned movie offers a glimpse into life during the civil rights movement.

7 /13: 'Maya & Miguel'

7/13 :'Maya & Miguel'

Maya and Miguel are a bilingual Latino brother and sister who love learning and fix-it projects.

8 /13: 'Ni Hao, Kai Lan'

8/13 :'Ni Hao, Kai Lan'

Five-year-old Kai Lan is a bilingual Asian-American girl who teaches multicultural values.

9 /13: 'Remember the Titans'

9/13 :'Remember the Titans'

Remember the Titans is the true story of two schools becoming one after being integrated in the '70s.

10 /13: 'Liberty's Kids'

10/13 :'Liberty's Kids'

Aimed at older kids, Liberty's Kids follows a freed slave named Moses, who runs Ben Franklin's print shop.

11 /13: 'Handy Manny'

11/13 :'Handy Manny'

Little kids love bilingual Manny, a Latino who teaches about culture, friendship, projects and more.

12 /13: 'Sesame Street'

12/13 :'Sesame Street'

This iconic PBS series has long featured racially diverse characters and promoted acceptance.

13 /13: '42'

13/13 :'42'

For older kids, the story of real-life baseball legend Jackie Robinson is an eye-opener.