16 Taylor Swift Lyrics That Work Even Better as Pick-Up Lines

by Sarah Long
Aug 22, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

OK, Tay. We see what you're doing with all the cryptic stuff you've got going on — and we sure hope we're right.

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift completely wiped all of her social media accounts clean. No more cute kitty photos of Olivia Benson, no more #squadgoals pics, no more shots of Swift performing her butt off on stage. All of it is gone. 

Then, Swifty posted a weird, abrupt video of what appears to be a snake's tail. There's no caption or anything, so of course fans' minds are running wild with theories and speculation. Most are super excited that the video could hint that Swift has more music on the horizon — for the first time in three years.

We're excited for new music, of course, but mostly because we're running out of pick-up lines to use in the clubs and Swift's last album, 1989, provided us with some doozies. Yup, an awful lot of the lyrics on 1989 and her other albums seem like they could double as awesome one-liners in a club setting. Try some of these out... if you dare.

Originally posted March 2015. Updated August 2017.

1 /16: Tired of waiting

1/16 :Tired of waiting

Of course, you have to courageously approach a person with this one. Hopefully they'll appreciate the irony.

2 /16: You don't know me

2/16 :You don't know me

Confidence or arrogance? Your targeted date will have to be the judge.

3/16 :Your eyes

Use it sparingly and on a target who either looks like they have a sense of humor or is seeking a soul mate.  

4 /16: Trouble

4/16 :Trouble

Bad boys... the world is full of them. Hand this pick-up line out like it's candy.

5 /16: Take me somewhere

5/16 :Take me somewhere

Cheese factor level: midnight. However, when delivered correctly, this line has a fairly high success rate.

6 /16: Flawless

6/16 :Flawless

Flattery gets you everywhere. 

7 /16: Next to you

7/16 :Next to you

While the emotional value of this line can't be denied, be careful or you'll come off as a stage-five clinger.

8 /16: Love story

8/16 :Love story

Who would want to say no to a fairy-tale true love story?

9 /16: Look at that face

9/16 :Look at that face

Jonah Hill's character in Superbad made it clear that some people don't have any problem being "that mistake."

10 /16: Won't be sleeping

10/16 :Won't be sleeping

60 percent of the time, it works every time.

11 /16: Your smile

11/16 :Your smile

Your target might think you're a little high, but then again, who doesn't like to hear that they have a nice smile?

12 /16: For worse or better

12/16 :For worse or better

Be bold and commit and you can't go wrong.

13 /16: I know places

13/16 :I know places

The delivery of this line is key. You want them to feel like they're being wooed, not being sized up by a serial killer.

14/16 :Wildest dreams

This whimsical line is for all the poets out there. It might be better used in a coffee house than a club.

15 /16: Bad news

15/16 :Bad news

This gruff line is a last-caller. It's more of a demand than a request. 

16 /16: Blank space

16/16 :Blank space

How can you go wrong?