Man Crush Monday: 18 Heartmelting photos of 'Don't Be Tardy's' Kroy Biermann

by Sarah Long
Feb 1, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Kim Zolciak's husband may be a big bad NFL player by trade, but he's a family man first.

1 /17: By her side

1/17 :By her side

Biermann is always by Zolciak's side at Bravo events.

2/17 :Snuggles

Biermann looks adorable snuggled up with three of his six kids.

3/17 :Paradise

White Speedos aren't for the faint of heart, but Biermann is rockin' the heck out of his.

4/17 :Proud papa

Biermann with his kids KJ and Kaia Biermann, the day Kaia and her twin brother, Kane, were born.

5 /17: Kroy and Kane

5/17 :Kroy and Kane

Biermann with Kane on the day of Kane's birth.

6 /17: Kroy and KJ

6/17 :Kroy and KJ

Biermann hanging out with his son, Kroy Biermann Jr., during an event for the Atlanta Falcons.

7 /17: In sickness and in health

7/17 :In sickness and in health

Biermann was there for Zolciak through her health scare in fall 2015.

8/17 :Kroy and Kaia

Kaia hopped on board for a piggyback ride from Biermann.

9 /17: Kroy and Brielle

9/17 :Kroy and Brielle

Biermann posed with his stepdaughter, Brielle Biermann, before her prom last year.

10 /17: Wedding bliss

10/17 :Wedding bliss

Biermann posted this gorgeous wedding pic on his and Zolciak's wedding anniversary in 2014.

11/17 :Kroy's mini-me

Biermann posing with baby KJ.

12 /17: Nice profile

12/17 :Nice profile

There's no denying Biermann's handsomeness.

13/17 :Surfer dude

"Fine Ass Specimen," Zolciak captioned this Instagram pic of Biermann.

14 /17: Roll with the punches

14/17 :Roll with the punches

Biermann is always game to go along with Zolciak's crazy antics.

15 /17: Father-daughter bonding

15/17 :Father-daughter bonding

Biermann and Kaia, being their usual adorable selves.

16/17 :Smooches

Biermann leans in for a wet one with Zolciak on National Spouse Day.

17 /17: Sharp-dressed man

17/17 :Sharp-dressed man

He sure cleans up nice, doesn't he?