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20 Celeb Body Parts That Are Worth a Fortune

It’s hard to feel sorry for the rich and famous. They get to travel the world and make tons of money doing what they love to do. Not a whole lot to pity about that lifestyle, if you ask most people. But can you imagine how much pressure that must be, having your whole livelihood rely on certain parts of your body? 

What would a singer do for income if they completely demolished their vocal cords? How does a dancer pay their rent if they blow a knee? What does a model do if they disfigure their moneymaker and can no longer, well, model? It’s a lot to think about.

And while we still don’t really feel that sorry for mega-celebs, we do totally understand why they would feel the need to insure parts of their bodies. Everybody’s gotta have a backup plan. Some of these backup plans are just really, really extravagant. 

A version of this article was originally published in September 2017.

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