The 'Fuller House' cast then and now

Jan 26, 2016 at 5:56 p.m. ET
The original cast of Full House
Image: ABC

Time has definitely been kind to the original cast of Full House.

1 /19: Candace Cameron Bure: Then

Candace Cameron in Full House
Image: ABC

1/19 :Candace Cameron Bure: Then

2 /19: Candace Cameron Bure: Now

2/19 :Candace Cameron Bure: Now

3 /19: Jodie Sweetin: Then

Jodie Sweetin on Full House
Image: ABC

3/19 :Jodie Sweetin: Then

4 /19: Jodie Sweetin:Now

Jodie Sweetin now
Image: FayesVision/WENN

4/19 :Jodie Sweetin:Now

5 /19: Andrea Barber: Then

Andrea Barber on Full House
Image: ABC

5/19 :Andrea Barber: Then

6 /19: Andrea Barber: Now

Andrea Barber now
Image: Guillermo Proano/WENN

6/19 :Andrea Barber: Now

7 /19: John Stamos: Then

John Stamos Full House
Image: ABC

7/19 :John Stamos: Then

8 /19: John Stamos: Now

John Stamos now
Image: FayesVision/WENN

8/19 :John Stamos: Now

9 /19: Dave Coulier: Then

Dave Coulier on Full House
Image: ABC

9/19 :Dave Coulier: Then

10 /19: Dave Coulier: Now

Dave Coulier now
Image: Guillermo Proano/WENN

10/19 :Dave Coulier: Now

11 /19: Bob Saget: Then

Bob Saget on Full House
Image: ABC

11/19 :Bob Saget: Then

12 /19: Bob Saget: Now

Bob Saget now
Image: Dan Jackman/WENN

12/19 :Bob Saget: Now

13 /19: Lori Loughlin: Then

Lori Loughlin on Full House
Image: ABC

13/19 :Lori Loughlin: Then

14 /19: Lori Loughlin: Now

Lori Loughlin now
Image: FayesVison/WENN

14/19 :Lori Loughlin: Now

15 /19: Scott Weinger: Then

Scott Weinger on Full House
Image: ABC

15/19 :Scott Weinger: Then

16 /19: Scott Weinger: Now

16/19 :Scott Weinger: Now

17 /19: Nicky and Alex: Then

Nicky and Alex Full House
Image: ABC

17/19 :Nicky and Alex: Then

18 /19: Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit: Now

18/19 :Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit: Now

19 /19: Blake Tuomy Wilhoit: Now

19/19 :Blake Tuomy Wilhoit: Now