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The Most Romantic Movie Kisses You’ll Wish Would Happen to You IRL


Everyone has a favorite movie kiss — don’t deny it. And if you really, truly don’t, then wow, am I excited to introduce you to the wild world of movie magic make-outs and the endless daydreams they inspire. Whether it’s Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in the pouring rain or Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles covered in paintball pellets, these movie kisses make everything else melt away. Just once, we’d like to be looked at the way Leonardo DiCaprio looks at Kate Winslet in Titanic. In fact, many a TV scene (like Seth and Summer’s iconic Spider-Man kiss on The O.C.) is based around recreating these romantic moments, and we can definitely see the appeal.

So, what makes a really great movie kiss? The ambience helps — rain, as mentioned earlier, is often involved, driving home that the kiss must be so amazing that neither one minds getting soaked. Context is also important. If the lovers have been apart for a long time, know their time is coming to an end, or have been building up to this with flirtation for a long time, that’s a pretty good guarantee that the action will be hot and heavy.

But in the end, it’s really the amazing performances that make these movie kisses stick out in our heads. Ryan Gosling and Patrick Swayze both appear twice on this list, not (just) because they’re superhumanly good-looking. They also make you fall completely in love with them and reel you in emotionally from the very beginning. It’s no surprise that many of these best-kiss movies are also movies that have made us cry. Simply put, we’re feeling it. And we have a feeling you’ll like these too.

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