18 'Grey's Anatomy' storylines that didn't sit well with fans

Sep 22, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. ET
Grey's Anatomy Gizzie
Image: ABC

The short-lived pairing of BFFs George and Izzie was the worst. No chemistry, not believable... just ugh.

1 /17: Izzie's ghost sex

Grey's Anatomy ghost sex
Image: ABC

1/17 :Izzie's ghost sex

2 /17: RIP, George

Grey's Anatomy George's death
Image: ABC

2/17 :RIP, George

3 /17: Ava, aka 'Jane Doe'

Grey's Anatomy Jane Doe
Image: ABC

3/17 :Ava, aka 'Jane Doe'

4 /17: 'Intern Fight Club'

Grey's Anatomy Intern Fight Club
Image: ABC

4/17 :'Intern Fight Club'

5 /17: Kiss from a Rose

Grey's Anatomy Rose
Image: ABC

5/17 :Kiss from a Rose

6 /17: Dr. Hahn

Grey's Anatomy Hahn
Image: ABC

6/17 :Dr. Hahn

7 /17: Sloan's Sloan

Grey's Anatomy Sloan's daughter
Image: ABC

7/17 :Sloan's Sloan

8 /17: Owen's shocking affair

Grey's Anatomy Owen cheating
Image: ABC

8/17 :Owen's shocking affair

9 /17: Bailey's OCD

Grey's Anatomy Bailey
Image: ABC

9/17 :Bailey's OCD

10 /17: Arizona steps out on Callie

Grey's Anatomy Arizona and Callie
Image: ABC

10/17 :Arizona steps out on Callie

11 /17: Leah and Arizona's fling

Grey's Anatomy Leah and Arizona
Image: ABC

11/17 :Leah and Arizona's fling

12 /17: Jackson and April's big loss

Grey's Anatomy Jackson and April's baby
Image: ABC

12/17 :Jackson and April's big loss

13 /17: Unlucky Penny

Image: ABC

13/17 :Unlucky Penny

14 /17: The exodus of Yang

Grey's Anatomy Yang
Image: ABC

14/17 :The exodus of Yang

15 /17: Say it ain't so, McDreamy!

Image: ABC

15/17 :Say it ain't so, McDreamy!

16 /17: Callie's low-key send-off

Grey's Anatomy Callie
Image: ABC

16/17 :Callie's low-key send-off

17 /17: That #Meriggs kiss, tho

Grey's Anatomy Meredith Riggs
Image: ABC

17/17 :That #Meriggs kiss, tho