9 Best 'The Vampire Diaries' couples through the years

by Jessica Hickam
Jan 27, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. ET

These The Vampire Diaries couples top the list for making us swoon, sigh and want to fall in love.

1 /9: Bonnie and Jeremy

1/9 :Bonnie and Jeremy

Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Jeremy were definitely #couplegoals. Minus the whole them dying thing.

2 /9: Alaric and Jenna

2/9 :Alaric and Jenna

Because of this relationship, Alaric became the sort-of father figure we know and love.

3 /9: Stefan and Elena

3/9 :Stefan and Elena

Stelena was the love that launched the show to popularity.

4 /9: Katherine and Stefan

4/9 :Katherine and Stefan

This renewed relationship was definitely a surprise, but it gave Katherine (Nina Dobrev) some much-needed humanity. 

5 /9: Matt and Rebekah

5/9 :Matt and Rebekah

Matt and Rebekah definitely win the title of sweetest couple on the show.

6 /9: Jo and Alaric

6/9 :Jo and Alaric

Alaric was able to find lasting love again after Jenna. Will he ever get a happily ever after?

7 /9: Damon and Alaric

7/9 :Damon and Alaric

They aren't a romantic couple, but are one of our favorite duos to watch together nonetheless. 

8 /9: Damon and Elena

8/9 :Damon and Elena

If Stefan and Elena launched the show's popularity, then Damon and Elena will keep TVD in our hearts forever.

9 /9: Klaus and Caroline

9/9 :Klaus and Caroline

Of course I'm including Klaroline. And of course I haven't given up hope for them.