'Pretty Little Liars': 10 Reasons Ezra may be Charlotte's killer

by Stacia Affelt
Jan 25, 2016 at 3:40 p.m. ET

This season of PLL flashes five years forward and is already off to a mysterious start with the death of Charlotte, better known as A, in the first episode. After it was revealed that Charlotte’s death may have actually been a murder, everyone starts to point fingers. This week, the spotlight was on Ezra as Charlotte’s possible murderer. Here’s why I think he’s guilty.

1 /10: He is not the same

1/10 :He is not the same

This Ezra is a far cry from the one we all knew and loved in the past. From growing out his beard to always looking disheveled, it’s obvious that Ezra has changed this season. The old Ezra would never kill someone, but the new Ezra definitely could have.

2 /10: He is emotionally unstable

2/10 :He is emotionally unstable

During the five-year span, Ezra went to South America with his girlfriend Nicole for Habitat for Humanity. Sadly, we find out she was taken by terrorists and is believed to be dead. This explains why Ezra is acting so different, and I think it is enough to murder someone.

3 /10: He was at Charlotte’s trial

3/10 :He was at Charlotte’s trial

In the season premiere, we saw Ezra walk in late to Charlotte’s trial. Each of the girls was asked to state whether or not they would feel safe if Charlotte was released. The question is, what was Ezra even doing there? My only guess is he wanted to be one of the first to find out if/when she got out.

4 /10: He has a motive

4/10 :He has a motive

For years we’ve watched Ezra and Aria’s love for each other grow. We know he would do anything to protect her, but just how far would he go? During the trial, Aria said she was still afraid of Charlotte. Given that Ezra would’ve been there to hear this, it makes sense that he could’ve killed Charlotte to protect Aria.

5 /10: He knew exactly how to kill Charlotte

5/10 :He knew exactly how to kill Charlotte

In this week's episode, Spencer explains that she wrote a college paper about a woman who died eerily similar to the way Charlotte did. What’s more, she told Ezra about this paper a few years back. This means Ezra could have easily used the details from that paper to kill Charlotte.

6 /10: He was out the night Charlotte died

6/10 :He was out the night Charlotte died

In fact, it turns out he was having a secret rendezvous with Aria around the time of Charlotte’s death. Aria was having trouble sleeping, so Ezra came over to keep her company and they went for a nighttime stroll. Ever heard of the saying, “Nothing good happens after midnight”?

7 /10: He knew where Charlotte was

7/10 :He knew where Charlotte was

While Ezra and Aria are out walking, they notice Charlotte enter the Rosewood church. They question why she would be out so late, but before they can get into trouble, Aria suggests they go home. She ends up leaving in a taxi, and the last place we see Ezra is standing outside of the church looking very suspicious.

8 /10: He doesn’t have an alibi

8/10 :He doesn’t have an alibi

Later in the episode, Aria confronts Ezra about where he went after she drove away. He tells her that he went home, but I’m not so sure. No one, not even Aria, can confirm where he truly went.

9 /10: He has lied before

9/10 :He has lied before

No one can forget the moment Ezra became the bad guy when the Season 4 finale strongly hinted that he might be A. Turns out he wasn’t, but he did lie to Aria about his past with Alison. Who’s to say he isn’t lying to her again?

10 /10: He never liked Charlotte or Alison

10/10 :He never liked Charlotte or Alison

It’s no secret that both Alison and Charlotte have gotten in the way of Ezra and Aria’s happily ever after, through lies and torture. What better way to get revenge on Alison than by killing her sister, or on Charlotte by pushing her out of a window? Just saying.