Man Crush Monday: 22 Hot pics of Ben Higgins that prove he was lovable before 'The Bachelor'

by Stacia Affelt
Jan 25, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: Nicky Nelson/

Ben Higgins may think he's unlovable, but these photos from before he became the Bachelor prove he's not.

1 /22: He's a family man

1/22 :He's a family man

"Home is where one starts from," Higgins quoted T.S. Eliot in this adorable family photo.

2 /22: He isn't afraid to get dirty

2/22 :He isn't afraid to get dirty

You'll never have a weed problem with Higgins around.

3 /22: Babies love him

3/22 :Babies love him

It's hard to believe he's not lovable when he's holding this little lady.

4 /22: His arms are perfect for bear hugs

4/22 :His arms are perfect for bear hugs

Those arms are practically screaming, “Get over here!” in this pic.

5 /22: He's an experienced kisser

5/22 :He's an experienced kisser

There’s only one fish in the sea for this bachelor.

6 /22: He can cook

6/22 :He can cook

Bonus: He likes to cook with his shirt off.

7 /22: He is kind to strangers

7/22 :He is kind to strangers

Higgins gave a shoutout to this veteran, saying, “Have you ever met a stranger who even in a short discussion makes life a little more grand?”

8 /22: He's a work of art

8/22 :He's a work of art

Where can we get a photo of Higgins to hang on our wall?

9 /22: He's a momma's boy

9/22 :He's a momma's boy

Higgins refers to his mom as a "beautiful lady" in this lovely pic.

10 /22: He stays in shape

10/22 :He stays in shape

Higgins recently ran with a friend at Town Lake Trail in Austin.

11 /22: He has a silly side

11/22 :He has a silly side

Even when he's being goofy, Higgins is still hot.

12 /22: He looks amazing in flannel

12/22 :He looks amazing in flannel

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe was obviously a fan of him in flannel, too.

13 /22: He fights for a cause

13/22 :He fights for a cause

He was happy to support his friend and help bring awareness to the fight against domestic abuse.

14 /22: He's a Swifty

14/22 :He's a Swifty

Higgins recently saw Taylor Swift in concert.

15 /22: He's not a quitter

15/22 :He's not a quitter

Which means he would never give up on you.

16 /22: He gives back

16/22 :He gives back

Higgins recently traveled to Honduras to work with children for Humanity and Hope United.

17 /22: He loves going home

17/22 :He loves going home

He flew to Indiana to celebrate his grandpa’s birthday.

18 /22: He pulls off suspenders

18/22 :He pulls off suspenders

A talent most men don't have.

19 /22: His side hugs?

19/22 :His side hugs?

“He gives great side hugs,” according to one commenter on this pic.

20 /22: His pouty face has superpowers

20/22 :His pouty face has superpowers

With this face, Higgins could get you to do just about anything.

21 /22: He can read

21/22 :He can read

He’s never too old to enjoy Winnie the Pooh.

22 /22: He's humble

22/22 :He's humble

Even he can't believe he's the Bachelor (although we're definitely not surprised)!