Real Housewives rundown: The women ranked from least to most dramatic

by Julie Robinson
Jun 30, 2016 at 4:24 p.m. ET

Reality TV drama is a given, but the casts of the Real Housewives have managed to crank it up to 11.

1 /25: Yolanda Foster

1/25 :Yolanda Foster

The most drama this Dutch beauty has on screen is likely in her colon from all of the cleanses. Or when something in her glass-door refrigerator is out of place.

2 /25: Caroline Manzo

2/25 :Caroline Manzo

When your family is “thick as thieves,” if there’s drama, fugettaboutit! Caroline is pretty low on the drama scale; she just wants everyone to be happy.

3 /25: Carole Radziwill

3/25 :Carole Radziwill

Her drama took place long before Andy Cohen came a knockin’. She’s all about the fun these days — unless someone questions her literary prowess, that is.

4 /25: Jo De La Rosa

4/25 :Jo De La Rosa

Dealing with Slade is more drama than any woman should have to deal with, right?

5 /25: Melissa Gorga

5/25 :Melissa Gorga

Yes, she was embroiled in family drama. Yes, her past job in a strip club comes back to haunt her. But her real drama: having to deal with her husband releasing his “poison” every time the wind blows.

6 /25: Vicki Gunvalson

6/25 :Vicki Gunvalson

Can someone really accidently post a photo of their bare breasts? 

7 /25: Alexis Bellino

7/25 :Alexis Bellino

This beauty plays victim to “intentional cruelty” with every episode.

8 /25: Taylor Armstrong

8/25 :Taylor Armstrong

She’s had more behind-the scenes drama that anyone should have to deal with, so for this list we’ll just recall the image of her giant lips attacking the ball of cotton candy.

9 /25: Sonja Morgan

9/25 :Sonja Morgan

Harmless eccentric or basket case? It depends on the episode. As dramatic as she’d like her burlesque show to be, it’s really just kinda funny.

10 /25: Amber Marchese

10/25 :Amber Marchese

Just one season in and this cancer survivor has made her mark. But it’s mainly because she’s married to a jackass.

11 /25: Carlton Gebbia

11/25 :Carlton Gebbia

If that name doesn’t exactly ring a bell, how about the word “Wicca”? Now you’re getting it: witchcraft, tats and a sex room. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

12 /25: Kim Zolciak Biermann

12/25 :Kim Zolciak Biermann

Who pretends to have cancer?

13 /25: Kelly Bensimon

13/25 :Kelly Bensimon

Is vacant the same thing as dramatic? If you add Bethenny Frankel and some Caribbean Sea air to the mix it is.

14 /25: Gretchen Rossi

14/25 :Gretchen Rossi

Legal troubles run amok. Libel, defamation, slander and missed court appearances, and that’s her reality.

15 /25: Ramona Singer

15/25 :Ramona Singer

Drama can be funny, right? While not big on the catfight circuit, Ramona’s delusions about her self-worth are over the top. Turtle time!

16 /25: Lisa Wu Hartwell

16/25 :Lisa Wu Hartwell

How about the reunion show when she climbed over Andy Cohen to take a swat at her cast mates?

17 /25: Kim Richards

17/25 :Kim Richards

How can a dog-lover and loving mom make it this high on a drama list? Add pills and booze, and stir. Her limo brawl with sister Kyle put her on the map.

18 /25: Kenya Moore

18/25 :Kenya Moore

Beauty or beast? Sure she’s a Former Miss USA, but her anger management issues aren’t so pretty.

19 /25: Shereé Whitfield

19/25 :Shereé Whitfield

Just so you know, when in the company of this one, leave your weave at home or risk having her yank it out for you.

20 /25: Tamra Judge

20/25 :Tamra Judge

Using a sex tape to promote her business may not be on the same level as a good old-fashioned table flip, but something’s not right here.

21 /25: Tiffany Hendra

21/25 :Tiffany Hendra

Tiffany shook things up in the newest Dallas season with her adult film star past.

22 /25: Bethenny Frankel

22/25 :Bethenny Frankel

After returning to the NY Housewives in season 7, we knew it was only a matter of time before Bethenny would snap.

23 /25: Nene Leakes

23/25 :Nene Leakes

Animated, awesome and kind of awful at times, there was never a dull moment with Nene.

24 /25: Brandi Glanville

24/25 :Brandi Glanville

Blame it on her big mouth and lack of filter, but Brandi was often the RHOBH star everyone loved to hate.

25 /25: Teresa Giudice

25/25 :Teresa Giudice

This table-flipping Italian doesn’t just put on a show for the cameras, she did time for her dramatic interpretation of tax codes.

Originally published March 2015. Updated June 2016.