10 Times 'Teen Mom' stars threatened to quit

by Stephanie Gustafson
Dec 9, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. ET

There have been a lot of threats about leaving Teen Mom, and some even have left the show. See which of your favorite stars quit, and which just talked about it. 

1 /10: Jenelle Evans' recent meltdown

1/10 :Jenelle Evans' recent meltdown

Upon hearing of Nathan Griffith's alleged engagement, Jenelle Evans claimed that she'd had enough of Teen Mom 2 and was ready to move on.

2 /10: Jenelle Evans' Twitter feud

2/10 :Jenelle Evans' Twitter feud

Kailyn Lowry told her Twitter followers that Evans had recently abused drugs and alcohol. Evans retaliated by promising to quit Teen Mom 2. Eventually, they made amends and the entire Twitter battle was deleted.

3 /10: Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer's demands

3/10 :Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer's demands

In 2011, Teen Mom 2 almost lost not one, but two of its biggest stars. Unhappy about their allegedly low pay, both Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer threatened to walk.

4 /10: Leah Messer's affair rumors

4/10 :Leah Messer's affair rumors

Last year, when Leah Messer's Twitter followers asked her if she intended to return to Teen Mom 2, she responded with a simple, "No."

5 /10: Jeremy Calvert's recent departure

5/10 :Jeremy Calvert's recent departure

The latest social media rumors indicate that Jeremy Calvert has quit because he's sick of dealing with the drama of Teen Mom 2.

6 /10: Corey Simms leaves 'Teen Mom 2'

6/10 :Corey Simms leaves 'Teen Mom 2'

Jeremy Calvert isn't the only baby daddy to ditch Teen Mom 2. Corey Simms has also allegedly had enough of the show.

7 /10: Amber Portwood in court

7/10 :Amber Portwood in court

During a 2012 courtroom appearance, Amber Portwood claimed that she was being exploited by MTV. She no longer minded that exploitation when she was finished with prison, as she was quick to return to the show for its fifth season

8 /10: Tonya Portwood's advice

8/10 :Tonya Portwood's advice

In the early days of Teen Mom, Portwood's mom thought it was a bad idea — and she claimed that her daughter's days with the show might be drawing to a close.

9 /10: Maci Bookout's fears

9/10 :Maci Bookout's fears

Concerned about Farrah Abraham's behavior while away from MTV's filming crews, Maci Bookout briefly decided that it was better to avoid her son being bullied at school than to continue her invovlement with Teen Mom.

10 /10: Farrah Abraham's trailer freakout

10/10 :Farrah Abraham's trailer freakout

In the trailer for the sixth season of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham got mad at a producer and insisted that she was ready to bid the show adieu.