20 Adele-Themed Gifts — Just in Time for Her Birthday

by Kristine Cannon
May 5, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. ET

On the glorious day of May 5, 1988, the world was given the gift of Adele. And on her birthday, we want to give her all the gifts.

OK, these totally emo gifts are probably more well suited for that one Adele-obsessed friend — or you can just buy them for yourself in celebration of Adele's day of birth.

Originally published December 2015. Updated May 2017.

1 /20: Adele quote keychain

1/20 :Adele quote keychain

Go on road trips with Adele — with this keychain. (Things Remembered, $40)

2 /20: Adele pillowcase

2/20 :Adele pillowcase

Cry into Adele's face whilst listening to Adele. Embrace the moment — and her. (Etsy, $10)

3 /20: Adele clock

3/20 :Adele clock

"Hello... it's three." Let Adele tell the time for you, for less than $20. (Etsy, $17)

4 /20: Adele compact

4/20 :Adele compact

Read the quote, cry, then fix your makeup. It all works out perfectly. (Things Remembered, $20)

5 /20: Adele photo album

5/20 :Adele photo album

Put pics of you and your SO in this photo album. Or Photoshopped pics of you and Adele. (Things Remembered, $40)

6 /20: "Hello" mug

6/20 :"Hello" mug

Who doesn't want Adele staring them in the face when they're downing coffee? (Etsy, $20)

7 /20: Adele "Hello" phone case

7/20 :Adele "Hello" phone case

Who wouldn't want this phone case? (Things Remembered, $10)

8 /20: Adele quote lighter

8/20 :Adele quote lighter

Bonus points if you actually try to with this lighter. (Things Remembered, $17)

9 /20: Adele wall art

9/20 :Adele wall art

The only appropriate place for this wall art is right outside the bathroom door. (Etsy, $10)

10 /20: Adele frame

10/20 :Adele frame

Nothing is more sentimental than an Adele quote on a picture frame. (Things Remembered, $10)

11 /20: Adele duvet

11/20 :Adele duvet

It's cuffing season... with Adele. (Fine Art America, $110)

12 /20: Adele beaded box

12/20 :Adele beaded box

So, naturally, you'll put your earrings in this beaded box. (Things Remembered, $30)

13 /20: Adele crying handkerchief

13/20 :Adele crying handkerchief

The handkerchief says everything. (Things Remembered, $26)

14 /20: Adele 'Hello' shirt

14/20 :Adele 'Hello' shirt

More like "Hello, can you read me?" — amirite? (Redbubble, $26)

15 /20: Adele flask

15/20 :Adele flask

Drink the pain away... with Adele... (Things Remembered, $30)

16 /20: Adele 'Hello' wine glass

16/20 :Adele 'Hello' wine glass

... or you can class it up with an Adele wineglass. (Things Remembered, $10)

17 /20: Boxes of tissues — plural

17/20 :Boxes of tissues — plural

Don't go for just one box of tissues. Go for 36. Because your friends are worth it. (Amazon, $41)

18 /20: 'Hello' baby clothes

18/20 :'Hello' baby clothes

They might not have kids now, but they will someday... hopefully. (Etsy, $21)

19 /20: Adele prayer candle

19/20 :Adele prayer candle

Because if Adele can't help them in their time of need, who can? (Etsy, $11)

20 /20: Adele tea mug

20/20 :Adele tea mug

Tea... it's just so much more soothing to the soul than coffee. (Etsy, $12)