17 Penny quotes from 'The Big Bang Theory' to celebrate Kaley Cuoco's birthday

by Christina Marfice
Nov 30, 2015 at 2:30 p.m. ET

In honor of Kaley Cuoco's 30th birthday, here are her funniest lines from The Big Bang Theory.

1/17 :Monkey behavior

2/17 :On plays

3/17 :Her best greeting

4/17 :Jibber-jabber

5/17 :On dating

6/17 :Appropriate work attire

7/17 :Um, what?

8/17 :On making money

9/17 :Her first bikini wax

10/17 :The walk of shame

11/17 :On being sick

12/17 :Bazooka!

13/17 :On getting referrals

14/17 :Boom, Sheldon

15/17 :On love

16/17 :On being a vegetarian, kind of

17/17 :On making 'Star Wars' references