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Things You May Not Know About Family Man David Beckham


Happy birthday, David Beckham! This soccer stud, loving dad, and devoted husband to Posh Spice (AKA Victoria Beckham) turns 45 today, and we’re bringing you all the Beckham fun facts you didn’t know you needed. This very, very handsome athlete-slash-model-slash-entrepreneur has had an incredibly interesting life, devoting himself to soccer from the age of 16 and falling in love with Victoria at first sight. Over the years, his career has taken the family to Paris, Madrid, Los Angeles, and beyond — meanwhile, he’s never lost sight of what’s really important.

David and Victoria pride themselves on being a tight-knit family, and work hard to ensure they get to spend time with kids Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper despite their busy and travel-heavy schedules. These superstar parents have a strict family dinner time (when they’re all in the same place), and the kids are super-involved in their parents’ work, attending David’s soccer games and talks, Victoria’s fashion shows, and more.

For so many years, David has been held up as the gold standard — impossibly handsome, a crazy talented athlete, and a genuinely well-meaning family man to boot. But what’s beneath that polished veneer? Many don’t know that David struggles with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, once hired a vocal coach after being teased about his voice, and had to drop out of high school to train for soccer full-time. This Manchester United superstar may make his success seem effortless, but there’s more to this strong and silent celeb than meets the eye.

For more little-known facts about our favorite football pro, check out more things you may not know about David Beckham below.

A version of this article was originally published November 2015.

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