8 Times Benedict Cumberbatch has talked about sex

by Kristine Cannon
Feb 20, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. ET
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Cumberbatch was very forthcoming about his confidence to "pull beautiful women" during an interview with Radio Times in 2012. And although his cockiness is a bit surprising, we have to admit, he's right!

1 /7: On experimenting

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1/7 :On experimenting

Cumberbatch made this pretty big admission during his interview with Out magazine in 2014.

2 /7: On advising Hitler

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2/7 :On advising Hitler

If only Cumberbatch could have advised Hitler, the world would have been a much more peaceful place.

3 /7: On his female allure

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3/7 :On his female allure

While giving an interview for InStyle's August 2012 issue, Cumberbatch admitted his younger self had no idea how attractive he was to the opposite sex.

4 /7: On his sex skills

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4/7 :On his sex skills

Cumberbatch blew any doubts away in his interview with Mirror back in 2010, admitting that he's a f***ing fantastic lover.

5 /7: On what he likes

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5/7 :On what he likes

Cumberbatch told Elle Japan what he finds sexy in a woman.

6 /7: On pleasing women

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6/7 :On pleasing women

Cumberbatch teased us oh-so-good when he talked about Sherlock's skills in the sack.

7 /7: On preparing for sex

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7/7 :On preparing for sex

During an interview with Elle UK, Cumberbatch shared how his Sherlock character actually prepares for sex.