16 things you probably never knew about the 'Sister Wives' family

by Chanel Dubofsky
Jan 11, 2017 at 5:08 p.m. ET

Wondering if Kody Brown and his wives were interesting before they were on TV? Here's proof that they were. 

1 /16: When Meri married Kody

1/16 :When Meri married Kody

In April 1990, 19-year-old Meri Barber married 22-year-old Kody Brown. As of 2015, the two have been together, in one way or another, for 25 years. 

2 /16: Obsessed

2/16 :Obsessed

Here's one way to land a husband: In the early '90s, when she was single and obsessed with Native American culture, Janelle pitched a tipi on Kody's parents' land in Wyoming. (It was November, so her adventure didn't last long.) 

3 /16: Short, short man

3/16 :Short, short man

Christine, the third of Kody's wives, thought she couldn't marry him when they first met in 1990 because he was too short!

4 /16: One big happy family

4/16 :One big happy family

Robyn's ex-husband, David Preston Jessop, is Christine's first cousin, Kody's third cousin, and related to Meri via one of her father's other wives. 

5 /16: Janelle's upbringing

5/16 :Janelle's upbringing

Janelle is the only Brown wife who was not raised in a polygamous family.

6 /16: Postpartum depression

6/16 :Postpartum depression

After Christine and Kody's daughter Truely was born in 2010, Christine suffered from postpartum depression. 

7 /16: Cramped quarters

7/16 :Cramped quarters

For three years after marrying Janelle, Kody lived with her and Meri in a cramped mobile home in Wyoming. 

8 /16: Becoming a psychologist

8/16 :Becoming a psychologist

At one point, Meri was studying psychology, with the intention of becoming a psychologist who worked with at risk teens.

9 /16: Janelle left the family

9/16 :Janelle left the family

After the birth of her fifth child, and a terrible fight with Meri, Janelle left the family and went to live with her mother.

10 /16: Kody's parents

10/16 :Kody's parents

Kody's parents converted to fundamentalist Mormonism from the mainstream LDS church while he was away on his mission.

11 /16: Meri started it all

11/16 :Meri started it all

Sister Wives fans have Meri to thank for bringing at least part of the Brown family together...

12 /16: Matchmaker

Image: TLC

12/16 :Matchmaker

Janelle actually met Kody when Meri brought him to an event!

13 /16: Divorce

13/16 :Divorce

Meri and Kody divorced in 2014 so Kody could marry Robyn and adopt her kids, who needed his benefits.

14 /16: Previous marriage

14/16 :Previous marriage

Sadly, Robyn, wife number four, was in an abusive marriage before marrying Kody.

15 /16: Monogamish?

15/16 :Monogamish?

Kody may have four wives, but he is reportedly only sleeping with one at a time.


16 /16: Inclusive polygamists

Image: TLC

16/16 :Inclusive polygamists

For an extremely religious family, they were super open-minded when daughter Mariah came out as gay.