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Celebrities Who Have Ph.D.s or Went to Ivy League Schools


There are people who are born talented, and then there are people who are born ridiculously talented, gorgeous and off-the-charts charismatic. But just because someone’s reached super-star status, that doesn’t mean they don’t also need an education to fall back on.

We already know that most famous people are accomplished singers, actors, dancers or athletes (and sometimes all of the above), but there’s also a pretty long list of celebs who have sought higher education despite (or before) their success in Hollywood. And we’re not just talking a run-of-the-mill bachelor’s degree here. These celebs have either gone above and beyond to earn their Ph.D. or have attended prestigious Ivy League schools.

It’s obvious that most stars value hard work (we all know how hard it is to make it big), and for these celebs, their work ethic applies to the classroom as well. If the entertainment biz ever fails, this batch of smarties will be A-OK.

A version of this article was originally published in September 2015.

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