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9 Things Kate Middleton & Rose Hanbury Have in Common

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Ever since the rumors broke in 2019, chances are, when you think about Kate Middleton and Prince William, you think about his alleged mistress: Kate’s former best friend Rose Hanbury.

Now, for those that need a recap, you’ve come to the right place: Back in 2019, In Touch reported that William may have had an affair with Hanbury. While this has been shot down by multiple insiders, the rumors stuck (especially since people noticed Hanbury and Kate hanging out less!) And with Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, he alleged those leaked rumors came from King Charles and Queen Camilla. So, it’s been a messy and dramatic time for everyone.

It seems like every day, we’re learning that Kate and Hanbruy’s once close friendship has turned into a bit of a rivalry, cheating or not. Dubbed her “Rural Rival,” it’s upsetting that two close friends have been pitted against each other.

So here’s the thing, whether or not you believe those rumors, you gotta admit, these two were a dynamite duo together. They have so much in common, from life as mothers to their style. Don’t believe us? We have the proof.

Check out all the similarities the former BFFs had with one another. (There’s more than you think!)

See them all below:

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