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8 Times Kate Middleton Honored Queen Elizabeth II By Wearing Her Jewelry

One thing you need to know about the British Royal family: they love their sparkling jewelry. For many decades, the family has gathered a startling amount of jewelry over the years — especially when Queen Elizabeth II was alive.

We know two things: Elizabeth loved her corgis, and she loved rocking dazzling jewelry that had jaw-dropping price tags. In fact, her collection of jewelry was so vast, that she was later known for loaning many of her pieces out to members of the Royal Family. Within the last decade of her life, she often gave these pieces to Kate Middleton.

Whether it was brooches or multi-million dollar necklaces, Kate has been seen many times wearing jewelry from Elizabeth’s collection. Over the years, Kate has put her own spin on it, using this jewelry as a way to honor her beloved grandmother-in-law.

Most recently, Kate wore a necklace at King Charles III’s Coronation that was gifted to Elizabeth back in the 1950s, and it doesn’t stop there.

While we know many of the jewels were before Elizabeth, and even before the Queen Mother, we’re not talking about those. We’re going to talk about the times Kate rocked a piece of jewelry that was first owned by Elizabeth. Below, check out every single time Kate honored her late grandmother-in-law by wearing her jewelry to big occasions.


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