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The Long-Awaited ‘Bridgerton’ Prequel Spin-Off ‘Queen Charlotte’ Is Streaming Now – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

When viewers watched the first two seasons of Bridgerton, we couldn’t help but be intrigued by Golda Rosheuvel’s fantastic portrayal of the ground-breaking Queen Charlotte. Luckily for the fans, the creators of the show were equally as curious about the monarch’s backstory and now, we’ve got a whole show to find out more.

On May 4, Bridgerton‘s long-awaited prequel spin-off show, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, was released on Netflix.

On the day of the premiere, the cast (including Rosheuvel, India Amarteifio, Arsema Thomas, and Corey Mylchreest) and crew (including director Tom Verica, executive producer Betsy Beers, and visionary creator Shonda Rhimes) all joined for a red carpet, screening and panel at New York City’s Paley Center for Media.

Amarteifio, who plays Queen Charlotte’s younger version, explained about the similarities and differences she shares with her character to SheKnows. “We look a bit similar,” she jokes. “I think I enjoy expression, I enjoy being myself as much as I can. I think we’re very different in her courageousness, I think she’s a lot more courageous than I am and she’s not scared to take risks. She’s not scared to question things where sometimes I’m like, ‘I’m just gonna leave it.'”

Rosheuvel tells SheKnows she is more than happy to share the stage (and her character) with the budding actress. “I think it’s amazing that she’s here, I think it’s a really beautiful place for both of us to be in, to share this character in this precise moment,” she explains. “I think what I’ve learned is ‘Why did we not think of this before?’ This is really fun, I love sharing my sweets.”

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