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Exclusive First Look at Outlander Season 7 Photos

The Outlander season 7 premiere is coming soon, and there’s nothing better to fill the drought than photos of Jamie and Claire Fraser from the new season to pass the time. Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan are back on June 16th for their seventh and second to last season.

The sixth season left Jamie and Claire being torn apart, with both of their lives hanging in the balance. Thankfully, their nephew Ian (John Bell) saved Jamie and knew where they can find Claire. So off they galloped a year ago, while all of us waited as Claire was thrown in the slammer.

The season 7 teaser showed us that Claire is also on the verge of being hung. Let’s face it, we all want to hang out with Claire Fraser, but not like that. No siree, Tom Christie. Oh, that guy, turns out Tom might be a really nice guy, he stayed with Claire when she was taken to make sure she was safe. “Not without my Claire!” Tom yelled. Okay, no he didn’t, but he does love her. We saw it in his eyes. His little beady Claire-loving eyes. Jamie understands this, though. He too has the same eyes. They can both see, Clairely. I’ll stop. But Jamie won, Tom. Sorry. And thanks for your service.

Let’s break down the just released first photos of Jamie and Claire from the seventh season. Get ready to swoon and stress. Please note, Jamie and Claire keep getting hotter. Balfe and Heughan, even war can’t stop these sexy beasts.

In the new Roger and Brianna photo, there might be a little Easter egg hiding in the photo. And of course, like every new season, there are new characters. This season welcomes siblings, Rachel and Denzell.

In honor of Jamie Fraser’s birthday, there may have been a solo photoshoot in the woods. And of course, the Ridge Queen herself, Claire Fraser is looking kind of stressed in her photo shoot. But makes sense, since last we left Dr. Fraser, things were looking very prison like. And her only hope was Thomas “Loves to Quote the Bible and Might Be a Misogynist” Christie.

Let’s not forget young Ian, who’s not so little anymore. Not going to lie, if you hurt his Aunty Claire, you’re in trouble. Just check out the new Ian portraits and you’ll see.

The newest photos of Jamie and Claire in battle mode tell us that season 7 is going to be intense, brace yourselves.

See for yourself and check back here for more exclusive Outlander photos of Claire and Jamie soon!

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