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16 Times Kate Middleton Has Broken Royal Protocol

Despite being polished into the poster child for being a classy member of the British Royal Family, Kate Middleton breaks a royal rule now and again.

Shocking, we know! Kate has so many of the royal rules nailed perfectly, from the prim curtsy to the fashion rules. However, there are so many royal rules out there, that we get it when they have to bend one or two. (Did you know they can’t play Monopoly?! PureWow confirmed that that’s a rule. Do you see what we’re saying?!

Most recently, Kate set off a debate on April 2023 when she arrived at the Easter Service with colored nail polish. Now, this is a tricky one: many say it’s an unspoken rule that women’s manicures in the family need to be natural, while others say it’s an antiquated rule. Either way, it got people talking, and it got people wondering what else Kate has done that strays from the usual royal rules.

Hint: she’s broken more than you think.

From her rather edgy fashion choices to her affectionate disposition, Kate has shown her more rebellious side now and again. Below, check out every single time Kate has broken royal protocol over the years.

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