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8 of the Best Psychological Thrillers to Stream Right Now

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If there’s one type of film that deserves a bit of a spotlight right now, it’s gotta be the psychological thriller. Don’t get us wrong — we love horror movies, melodrama, period pieces and more. But if you really want to be shocked, surprised, and hooked the entire way through a film, then you have to go with this genre. These films are full of tension and suspense, and more often than not, they’ll keep you on the edge of your seat (literally). Psychological thrillers are having such a resurgence that one of the most famous films in the genre is heading to the small screen for a new adaptation.

Fatal Attraction, which originally starred eight-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close and two-time Oscar winner Michael Douglas in 1987, is revamped for a new audience in the 2023 Paramount+ series starring Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson. Now, if you’re not familiar with the film, don’t worry we’ll fill you in. I mean, the film’s not gonna be ignored, dear reader! (Shout out to fans who caught the reference.)

After married man and father Dan Gallagher (Douglas) has a one-night stand with Alex Forrest (Close) his decision comes back to haunt him. What was a single night of passion becomes an obsession, leading to a violent end. Are you hooked yet? Are you hungry for more? Read on for more of the best psychological thrillers to stream right now, and catch the series iteration of Fatal Attraction on Paramount+ April 30.

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