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All the Best Red Carpet Debuts From Our Favorite Celebrity Couples Over the Years

If you love keeping up with celebrity couples as we much as we do, you know how special red-carpet debuts can be. From unexpected PDA to loving smiles, it’s the first time the world gets to spot a couple officially together, and it’s always a sight to see. Not to mention red carpet debuts can serve a purpose too — they let the couple tell their story, confirm their relationship, and put an end to all the rumors and speculation.

Most recently, for example, country star Kelsea Ballerini and Outer Banks star Chase Stoker made their very own red carpet debut at the CMT Music Awards. While on the carpet, the two held each other tight and were all smiles as they posed for cameras. And though these two haven’t been together for long, not every couple is quick to bite the bullet and show off their love. One of our favorite Hollywood power couples Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, for example, only made their debut at the 2014 Met Gala when they were already married and shared their first daughter together.

“It was the first time we were ever on the red carpet together,” Lively told Us Weekly. “It was scary to put yourself out there like that, but then it also seems really silly to be standing five feet from each other and refusing to stand together. It’s always that tricky balance of keeping your privacy but then also not being absurd. And then there’s also that thing where you think, ‘It would be nice for our kids to see a photo of Mommy and Daddy dressed up together.’” Indeed it was! The two looked absolutely dazzling on the carpet.

Check out some of our favorite red carpet debuts over the years below!

A version of this article was originally published on April 2023.

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