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8 Shocking & Heartbreaking Details We Learned in Brooke Shields’ New Documentary Pretty Baby

Alongside many other beloved celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Prince Harry, Brooke Shields is using her platform to tell her story in her own words. In her new Hulu documentary, Pretty Baby, the model and actress offers fans a never-before-seen perspective into her life, her traumatic experiences as a child actor, her relationships, and everything between.

“I was struggling to find my own voice,” Shields recalled in the documentary’s trailer. “I wasn’t told it was important to have agency.” The documentary, out now on Hulu, combines interviews of Shields, other A-list interviews, and clips of the star throughout the years.

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“Doing the documentary, you see it all together, and it’s a miracle that I survived,” Shields told People before its release.

Lana Wilson, the documentary’s director, was impressed with Shields’ candor. “Brooke was open, game for anything, fearless. The only concern she voiced at that first meeting was that this wouldn’t be deep enough,” the director told People. “Nothing scares her,” Wilson added. “If something is intimidating or challenging or risky, that means she’s going to want to do it even more.”

Check out some of Shields’ shocking and heartbreaking revelations in Pretty Baby below.

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