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10 Incredible TV Shows You Should Stream Right Now to Celebrate Women’s History Month

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Women’s History Month takes place every March, and while women should be celebrated, uplifted, and honored every day, the month-long period marks a dedicated time to focus on the ground-breaking achievements, vital contributions, and inspiring stories of women throughout history.

There are many ways to celebrate the diverse accomplishments of women across time, and one option is to stream TV shows that accurately portray and/or retell the trials and triumphs of the female experience. From documentaries about history-making scientists, activists, politicians, and more to fictional dramas that follow riveting women characters as they navigate a male-dominated world, stories centered on the challenges women face — and overcome — are paramount.

In a world that too often downplays women’s accomplishments, ignores their intelligence and capabilities, or allows men to take credit for women-led ideas and breakthroughs, it is imperative that we break the deep-rooted cycle of misogyny and recognize women for who they are: incredible, dynamic, perspicacious, resilient people who deserve to be treated as equals.

Celebrate Women’s History Month today (and any day) by streaming the following TV shows that convey just how vital women are to society — and how important it is to recognize and understand the barriers women face — to inspire us all to lift women up rather than tear them down.

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