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All the Best TV Shows & Movies to Watch on Apple TV+

Let’s be honest, keeping up with what to watch is almost an impossible task. From different streaming service to the ever-changing destinations of our beloved shows, we’ve never been more confused about what streaming platforms to get, or what to watch on the ones we already have. Need a little assistance? We’ve got you covered with an ever-growing list of TV shows and movies that are a must-watch on Apple TV+.

Their original TV shows, for example, have reached success both with viewers and critics. One of the streaming service’s biggest hits, Ted Lasso, is about to premiere its third season on March 15. The heartwarming show is led by Jason Sudeikis as Ted, a lovable and ultra-cringey football coach from Kansas who moves across the pond to become a coach for soccer club AFC Richmond. Though this is undoubtedly a funny premise, the show perfectly balances touching and gut-wrenching moments too. Oh, and did we mention the show’s also received a whopping 11 Primetime Emmys?

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Among the many movies on Apple TV+, there’s so much to choose from. Oscar Best Picture winner CODA or Will Smith’s newest movie Emancipation, for example, will have any viewer drying their tears and looking at life a little differently by the end. There’s also the ones we’re so excited to catch once they drop on the platform. Tetris starring Taron Egerton, for instance, tells the story of an American video game salesman willing to penetrate the deepest depths of the USSR to bring the now-iconic game to the rest of the world. Ghosted with Ana de Armas and Chris Evans will also be must-watch entertainment. After an incredible first date together, Armas’ character ghosts Evans’ only for him to follow her across the world and interrupt her top secret CIA mission.

Check out all of the must-see Apple TV+ titles below!

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