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19 Photos of Paris & Prince Jackson Being the Most Supportive Sibling Duo

If there’s one thing we absolutely adore to see: it’s a strong sibling bond. Too often, we hear about and see estranged Hollywood-based family members bickering with their A-list siblings; and it’s such a shame. However, the Jackson family is the exact opposite.

Michael Jackson welcomed three children in his lifetime: Michael Joseph Jr. (mainly known as “Prince”), born Feb 13, 1997, Paris-Michael Katherine, born April 3, 1998, and Prince Michael II (mainly known as “Bigi”), born Feb 21, 2002. In an episode of Unfiltered, the three of them also said they consider Omer Bhatti to be their oldest brother. Bhatti’s mother was hired as their nanny when they were very young, and he’s been around the Jackson family since he was a baby, quickly becoming the eldest sibling.

Now, Paris is arguably the most active on social media, and she never misses an opportunity to show the world how much she loves her brothers. While Bigi is extremely private and Bhatti also keeps his public life on the down-low, she and Prince always show their strong sibling bond.

In a rare interview with the YouTube channel Tuna on Toast with Stryker, she talked about how close she and Prince are in real life, saying, they were “raised like twins.” She added, “We’re so close in age, we grew up with the same teacher through each grade. [We were] treated like twins, so I think we have a bit of telepathy there.”

From red-carpet events to matching tattoos, these two are some of the sweetest siblings in Hollywood. For Prince’s birthday today, let’s check out our favorite, sweetest moments between Paris and Prince over the years.

Paris’s 23rd Birthday (2021)

BRB, still sobbing over this super-sweet tribute to Paris Jackson that Prince left on her birthday in 2021. He wrote, “It’s crazy to think that you’re my lil sister @parisjackson. You’ve grown and learned so much and I couldn’t be prouder of the woman you are and the path you’re going down. I like these photos cause I think it shows our duality, the yin and the yang, I love you yabyab HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Keep doin what you’re doin you’re so awesome and I hope you have a great day!!❤️❤️❤️🎊🎊.”

Dressed-Up Siblings (2019)

The siblings that dress up together, always have each other’s backs. Prince posted this photo of them rocking some very classy attire with the caption, “I don’t always dress up…but when I do it’s with my gorgeous sister @parisjackson. Stay classy my friends 😂😂.”

Proud Bro Moment (2019)

Prince is one of the most supportive family members when it comes to Paris’s amazing singing career. He was so excited about her going on tour, saying, “So proud of my sis @parisjackson for chasing her dreams. Her and the @thesoundflowers are going on tour this week starting in Santa Barbara. If you want one of these shirts that were hand tie-died by my sister you’ll have to get them at their shows.”

Christmas Cheer (2017)

We love this family photo featuring all four siblings, looking as cute as can be!

Wedding Party Pals (2017)

These two always look good in dapper attire (especially more gothic, black clothes!) This one from them at a wedding party is oh-so-sweet!

Ride or Dies 4 Life (2017)

We love when people shout out their ride or die, and for Prince, it’s Paris. He posted a photo of them about to ride a Harley with the caption, “Get you a ride or die to ride into the sunset @parisjackson #harleydavidson #harleylowrider.”

Yin-Yang (2017)

These two got matching yin and yang tattoos back in 2017! “Sometimes i feel like my big brother and i always think the same thoughts, he just doesn’t have a filter and always vocalizes them 😂 though total opposites, like my gooko and i, the inseparable yin and yang work together finding and causing balance within each other. matchies with my bestie @princejackson! ❤️,” Paris wrote in a sweet Instagram post.

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