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These Stunning Women Over 40 Shone So Brightly on the Grammy Red Carpet

Let’s face it, along with the performances, the red carpet is the main event for most people. It’s where you see your favorite stars dazzle in vibrant colors, bold fabrics, and really show off who they are with their fashion choices. For those of us who grew up pouring over the best-dressed lists in all the back of the magazines, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

With the 2023 Grammys in full swing, we’re checking out all the stunning looks that hit the red carpet, from daring suits to bold, vibrant gowns that give us instant Disney princess vibes.

While we adore a lot of the looks we see on the red carpet, women over 40 know how it’s done. Think about it, they dominated the Golden Globes red carpet, and they’re killing it in this red carpet (and will no doubt do so again for the 2023 Oscars!) With one look, they know how to turn heads, make jaws drop, and everything in between, all with one showstopping look.

In case you missed tonight’s red carpet, or want to revisit the best-dressed moments, we got you covered. Check out what these stunning women over 40 who wowed at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards red carpet arrivals below.

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