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Every Single Showstopping Photo of Princess Diana’s Twin Nieces Lady Amelia & Lady Eliza Spencer

Princess Diana’s family has grown so much in the past few decades, with so many rising up in the ranks in the royal monarchy, humanitarian efforts, and of course, her superstar twin nieces Lady Katya (known by her middle name Amelia) and Lady Eliza Spencer becoming superstars for all the coolest reasons.

Born July 10, 1992, these Cancer twins have been killing it in the fashion and modeling world the past few years, appearing in marvelous, opulent campaigns and in the front rows of different Fashion Week events.

The two grew up in South Africa, mostly away from the public eye, until they arrived at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011 and caught our attention. They both recently signed with Storm Model Management, and have quickly become staples in the fashion industry.

As we said, they’ve been making waves in the fashion world together, arriving in some pretty showstopping outfits that complement one another. In their first joint interview for Tatler, they talked about how they’re together a lot of the time, and they love being twins. Amelia said in the interview, “We love doing the same things and share the same friends. You’re guaranteed to have a best friend there always – you can’t really compare it to anything else.”

So, to celebrate these two making a name for themselves in the fashion industry, let’s check out every showstopping photo of them in their modeling element below!

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