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51 Times Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Red Carpet Fashion Took Our Breath Away

There are only a few celebrities in all of Hollywood that always make the coveted “Best-Dressed” lists every single time. Many push the boundaries with their fashion choices, opting for daring and colorful ensembles, but quite a few miss the mark. But that’s literally never the case with Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

From glittering ball gowns that gave everyone regal vibes to sheer, sexy mini-dresses that showed off her long legs, the Chicago star knows how to make sure all eyes are on her when she steps out onto a red carpet. Seriously, she never misses when choosing the right look for each A-list-filled event.

While she’s sworn by the sparkling looks over the years, she’s gotten bolder and bolder with her fashion choices. Whether it be a change in stylists or a love for experimentation, we do know that she’s stopped caring what others think about her.

“Something about getting older was that I don’t take a lot of sh*t from people,” she recently said to InStyle. “Not that I’m snappy, or that I’m looking for shi*t from people. I just don’t take it, and I don’t take it in a very gracious way. And it’s only something that comes from experience, and it’s only something that comes from being 53.”

Not only do we love this mindset, but we can’t get enough of her looks. In honor of her recent string of jaw-dropping dresses, let’s check out 50 of Zeta-Jones’s most memorable and dazzling red-carpet fashion moments below.

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