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24 of the British Royal Family’s Sportiest Moments Throughout the Years

When you think of the Windsor family, chances are you think of the colorful outfits, the adorable corgis, and probably the unfortunate feud. However, there’s another thing this family is known for: their immense love of sports.

If you’ve been following the British royal family news, then you know Prince Harry just dropped a new trailer on Twitter promoting the sixth-ever Invictus Games. In the black-and-white video, we see Harry and Meghan Markle facing off in a game of ping-pong. Safe to say, it lit the internet on fire, with everyone getting oh-so excited to see the lovebirds do a playful game with one another.

However, this isn’t anything new for the British royal family. It seems as though everyone in the family has a knack for the sporty side of hobbies, with Princes William and Harry loving their polo matches and Kate Middleton seemingly trying out every sport there is. Along with that, it seems as though everyone from Princess Diana and King Charles had a similar love for water activities. You get the idea — we could go on about how sporty this royal family really is.

In honor of the newly released Invictus Games trailer, let’s see the family’s sportiest moments. Check out the British royal family’s sportiest moments over the years below!

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