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Denise Richards, Carmen Electra, & More Celebrities With the Steamiest OnlyFans Accounts

Nothing gets people hotter than a sexy OnlyFans photo shoot, and in recent years, no one can take their eyes off of the ever-growing, NSFW platform (especially when some of their favorite stars post frequently on their accounts!)

For those that don’t know, OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform that was founded back in 2016, and grew insanely popular over the years. While there is a lot of content on the site, it’s mainly used for NSFW content. Many sex workers swear by the platform, earning the big bucks for their racy images and videos, and within recent years, quite a few celebrities have joined in on the site as well.

Over the years, many celebrities have hopped on the OnlyFans train, some staying for only a few months before deleting their account and some finding an insanely great level of success from the platform. For those that have stayed, they frequently talk about how not only did they connect on a different level with their fans, but that their confidence has soared (we love to see it!)

From Baywatch stars to Disney alums, so many stars have been turning up the heat with their sexy OnlyFans pages. See which stars have the steamiest OnlyFans accounts below!

Sami Sheen

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen’s eldest daughter Sami Sheen made headlines everywhere after announcing she was joining the platform back in June 2022, soon after turning 18. She posts quite a bit NSFW content, looking like a confident and glowing goddess in every snapshot. For $20 a month, fans are hypnotized by the blonde beauty.

Dan Benson

Calling all Wizards of Waverly Place fans, you’re not ready for this. Remember Zeke Beakerman, played by Dan Benson? Well, Benson is now on OnlyFans, and, wow, it’s as sexy as it gets.

Now, Benson has two different OnlyFans accounts, one that is $20 per month and holds a bunch of NSFW VIP content and a second free account that follows a pay-per-post model, and is a little tamer. Either way, fans are loving this side of the Disney alum.

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