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This Charming Chateau Marilyn Monroe & Madonna Reportedly Called Home is Selling For $899,000 — See Inside!

Marilyn Monroe has such a complicated legacy, one with so much mystery and intrigue that tons of places in Hollywood claim to have a connection to the American icon. The Blonde Bombshell reportedly lived in over 40 houses during her short life, including this cozy and chic, French-Normandy chateau in the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles that just hit the real estate market.

The chateau was built by newsstand owner S.J. Steinberg in 1936. Reportedly, the turreted townhouse housed a number of Tinseltown’s best and brightest, including Monroe. The 1,200-square foot unit is cozy and screams Old Hollywood Glamour with its built-in shelving, large, airy windows, and original seafoam green bathtub accented with purple and yellow tiling on the walls and floor.

At an asking price of $899,000, the charming townhouse is sure to go fast, especially since Monroe isn’t the only Hollywood icon who allegedly once called the building home. According to the listers, everyone from Greta Garbo, Marlene Deitrich, and Madonna have been rumored to have lived in the unit. Check out more details and the rest of the townhome over on Dirt!

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