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11 TV Shows That Don’t Shy Away From Showing Real Grief

TV shows can serve a variety of purposes — from being the perfect Friday night evening with your significant other to a place where you can distract and unwind from daily stressors. One of the most effective aspects of television? It makes us feel a lot less alone. Whether it’s a show on getting through heartbreak or what it means to be a mom, many viewers turn to TV as a reliable friend.

And, with the premiere of Apple TV+’s new show Shrinking, we’re taking a special look at shows that tackle grief, a sentiment that’s so often misrepresented on-screen.

In these 11 shows below, raw and real grief isn’t something that’s shied away from, it’s something depicted fully, from the ups to the many downs.

Marvel’s Wandavision, for example, tells the story of Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), a woman who’s so distraught with grief over the death of her partner, Vision (Paul Bettany), and her brother Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), that she creates her own reality to mask the pain. In an entirely different universe, After Life tells the story of Tony (played by Ricky Gervais), who resorts to anger and bitterness after the loss of his wife to cancer.

Regardless of which show you choose to watch from the list, we hope that the grieving process can be understood for its many complexities and — most of all — you feel a lot less alone.

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