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26 Beyond Stunning Photos of Helena Christensen That Cement Her Supermodel Status

At 53, Helena Christensen has nothing to prove. She is a supermodel and a fashion icon, like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer, who decided that there is no retirement age for the runway. Through the decades, she’s reminded us that she is fabulous in every season of life.

She’s been amping up her Instagram page with snapshots that show how good she feels right now. Sometimes it’s a stunning bikini photo, and other times she drops a spicy lingerie shot, but she’s always showing off her power in a very strategic way. Christensen revealed that she’s “trying to be as honest and real as possible” on her social media account because she treats it as “a visual diary.” She told You magazine, “So much in my life is about images. Sometimes I think that I only look at the world in frames.”

The supermodel isn’t interested in discussing her age in the same way some of her other female counterparts are because she feels it’s sexist. “I don’t want to talk about age in any interview,” she explained. “Because that’s what always happens to women, and even with the slightest mention of it we put ourselves in a situation where it actually is about that.” Fair enough, but she’s attributing her good health to staying connected to water. “It’s just the Viking mentality,” Christensen added. “I have this yearning to be near water. It’s almost an obsession. If I woke up one morning and had a mermaid tail, it wouldn’t surprise me.”

If that’s what it takes to look as good as her, you will find us suiting up to swim lakes and ponds each day. Don’t miss the gorgeous photos of Christensen and please tell us you love her purple jumpsuit as much as we do.

A Mint Green Mermaid (2023)

Why yes, we definitely cannot take our eyes off of Helena is this gorgeous mint green knit bathing suit (and pssst…we found cute similar options here and here). Very,  very here for the mermaid vibes.

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