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10 Timeless Princess Diana Looks That Stopped the Public in Their Tracks

Princess Diana was seen as a fashion icon in her time, and her status as a style savant has only increased in the decades since her tragic death. Considered one of the best-dressed women in history alongside other icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, many of her looks have withstood the passing of time. Vanity Fair mused that “Diana had a knack for choosing pieces that suited her, rather than what seemed of the moment,” with Eleri Lynn, curator of a Princess Di fashion exhibition, explaining, “That’s what sort of takes somebody above daily fashion and helps make them a fashion icon: they have that elegance that is theirs and doesn’t move with the changes of fashion.”

From her elegant Travolta dress to her loveable bike shorts and sweatshirt combos, Diana had fun with fashion, using it to channel her voice that was so often stifled by the Royal family. She pushed the boundaries of what was an acceptable wardrobe for a Royal, and she often experimented with new fashion ideas that the world had not yet seen go mainstream. Regardless of what she wore, she donned her ensembles with such confidence that she made the outfit look fabulous, rather than the clothing doing her the favor. Her presence, charisma, and beloved personality breathed life into her looks, putting the final touch on an outfit that was already incredible.

We wish we could have seen the stunning ensembles she would come up with as she continued to age, but since we were robbed of that joy, we’ll settle for revisiting 10 of Princess Diana’s most timeless looks that caused the entire world to do a double-take.

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