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Cameron Diaz, Cher, & More Actors & Singers Who Came Out of Retirement

Sometimes, when people get the acting or singing bug, they can’t do anything else for the rest of their lives. But other times, the bug jumps away, and some performers want to do anything except performing under the spotlight. However, many of those who retire never do so for long.

From Harry Potter star Emma Watson to legends like Cher, many A-listers have decided to step away from the spotlight. Some fell out of love with their profession, and some left to be with their families. Either way, these stars wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. But it’s never too long that they’re away. Quite a few celebrities have had a comeback within less than five years of their retirement (we all remember Watson’s heartbreaking announcement where she talked about losing her passion for the film world).

It seems retirement isn’t for some people. Both Jay-Z and Ozzy Osbourne have remarked that they didn’t enjoy the retired life.

Most recently, Cameron Diaz announced she’s “unretiring” to go back into a Netflix project with her buddy Jamie Foxx. And we seriously can’t wait for our beloved 2000s queen’s return. Check out which actors and singers have come out of retirement for a killer comeback below.

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