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A Look Back at All 23 of Serena Williams’ Epic Grand Slam Championship Wins

Serena Williams is a rarity. Not only has she broken records and stood atop her sport as an undeniable champion, but she also transcended pop culture in such a way that we’d never seen before. The decorated athlete, businesswoman, and unassailable GOAT has built an unmatched career in the Open Era of tennis — where it all started. The news of Williams’ upcoming retirement following the 2022 US Open has given a lot of her longtime fans and supporters, ourselves included, pause. We thought back on everything the queen of the court has done, but nothing can match her collection of Grand Slam titles.

Amongst active players in the Open Era, Serena Williams currently holds the record for most Grand Slam singles titles — man or woman. She’s won 23 trophies and appeared in even more finals. Every time she walks on the court, Williams carries so much history on her shoulders. We’ve been so lucky to see her play for more than two decades, and as her career as a professional athlete ends, we look back on those 23 incredible matches.

It all started back in 1999 when Williams won the US Open at the age of 17. This September, her career will end where it all started — at the US Open in New York City. Over the years, Williams collected even more trophies from the US Open, French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon, adding to her more than 70 singles titles. To celebrate all that Williams accomplished, and her next chapter off the court, let’s take a look back at her 23 epic Grand Slam wins.

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