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19 Best Family Photos of JFK With Wife Jackie Kennedy, Their Children, & More

One of the most culturally significant first families ever has to be the Kennedy family, comprised of lovebirds John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy and their children John F Kennedy Jr. and Caroline Kennedy. The idyllic family may have had difficult lives throughout, but their short time together was a beautiful part of history.

John and Jackie met in the early 1950s through a mutual friend, hitting it off sometime later. They had a lot in common despite the 12-year age difference and ended up getting engaged in June 1953 after Jackie took 30 days to deliberate on his proposal. They wed less than three months later in Rhode Island in Sept. 1953.

After a difficult fertility journey, Jackie and JFK welcomed a daughter named Caroline in Nov. 1957 and a son named John F. Kennedy Jr. in Nov. 1960, two weeks after JFK was sworn in as president. They also welcomed two children who died in infancy, named Arabella and Patrick.

Within a few years, they made their mark in the White House, but tragedy struck in Nov. 1963 when JFK was assassinated. The rest of his family soon left the White House to find a sense of normalcy.

Jackie became an Emmy-winning actor, bestselling author, and fashion icon until her death in 1996. John Jr. worked as a New York City assistant district attorney and launched George magazine. Tragically, he passed in a plane crash in 1999 alongside his wife Carolyn Bessette.

Now, as the last remaining child of JFK and Jackie, Caroline became an author, attorney, and diplomat who was the ambassador for Japan and is currently the US ambassador for Australia. She’s welcomed three children of her own named Jack Schlossberg, Tatiana Schlossberg, and Rose Schlossberg (who looks a great deal like her late grandmother Jackie!)

But before the tragedy that changed their lives forever, the Kenedy family was one of the most recognized families in the world, with all eyes on the adorable and close-knit family. And there are many photos to prove it.

See some of the best photos of the presidential Kennedy family below!

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