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13 Movies & TV Shows That Include Full-Frontal Male Nudity

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When you’re watching a movie or TV show, you can usually pick up the clues that someone is about to get naked on screen —  if it’s pre-empted by a steamy makeout scene or the sound of a shower running, it’s not too hard to guess that someone will be stripped-down in the next scene. But sometimes, the director surprises everyone by throwing in surprise, almost jump-scare nudity with no warning. And while the naked female body is usually seen in those more sensual contexts outlined above, it’s those rarer moments of male nudity that are often treated as a visual shock, rather than through an erotic gaze. That’s not true for every case of full-frontal male nudity on TV or in the movies, but you’ll definitely notice it’s a pattern in the titles we’ve found below.

No matter how you feel about the naked body in all its glory, there’s no denying it: It’s shocking to see a penis on the big screen, if only because it’s only been done a handful of times over the last century of mainstream movies and TV, compared to the countless naked women we’ve seen grace our screens. Whether it’s an intense sex scene or a perfectly timed comedic moment, there’s something about full-frontal nudity that just raises the stakes.

Notably, Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy has gone fully nude multiple times throughout his career, telling The Sun: “I’m completely comfortable with nude scenes. I wouldn’t want to get my thing out in every scene, but when it makes sense, it makes sense.”

From Murphy to How I Met Your Mother alum Jason Segel, more actors have been doing the daring act on screen.

See which movies and shows had their male actors go fully nude below.

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