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51 Best Movies & TV Shows on Disney+ That Are Family-friendly, But Still Fun for Adults

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If you’re a parent, you’re no stranger to loud music from kids’ shows that never seem to end. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good animated movie, but it can get a little tiring to have those kids’ programs on all the time. Then when we pop in our shows, our kids either can’t watch it (especially if we’re binging Bridgerton again) or talk throughout it because it bores them. But that’s where family-friendly movies come in.

When you grow older and re-watch Disney movies from your youth, you pick up on all the adult themes and jokes throughout. It’s almost like it gives new life to the movie! When our kids watch animated or PG movies, they’re engrossed in the visuals and the overall storyline. Then we’re laughing at the witty jokes that go over their heads. Family-friendly films and shows are the best of both worlds, and luckily, Disney+ has a bunch of options.

From original Disney shows to new animated films, there’s a lot to choose from. There are animated films, Marvel flicks, funny shows, and more that everyone in the house will enjoy.

Check out some of our top family-friendly picks available on Disney+ below.

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