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Over 200 Mass Shootings Have Happened in the US in 2022 — These 12 Were the Deadliest

It’s hard to keep up with the mass shootings that have occurred in 2022, but there are at least a few that stand out in everyone’s minds: Uvalde, Buffalo, and Brooklyn. The actual number of mass shootings that have occurred is far more frightening with over 246 mass shootings (and counting) in this year alone, according to Gun Violence Archive. The number of deaths due to gun violence continues to grow at alarming rates year over year — and something has to be done when it comes to gun responsibility laws.

President Joe Biden has heard the families from Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas loud and clear: “Do something. Just do something. For God’s sake, do something,” he said in his June 2 speech to the nation. He’s not wrong when he says that “after Columbine, after Sandy Hook, after Charleston, after Orlando, after Las Vegas, after Parkland, nothing has been done,” but the Second Amendment has become a political hot topic that divides Democrats and Republicans. The United States has reached a point of facing a crisis that is “one of conscience and common sense.”

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releasing data that “guns are the No. 1 killer of children in the United States of America,” that should be enough for both sides to realize that something has to be done. Kids shouldn’t be pawns in a political game, and meaningful legislation needs to be enacted (while still allowing responsible gun owners the right to bear arms), so we don’t wake up to another senseless tragedy. Biden is recommending a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, raising the minimum age to purchase from 18 to 21, strengthening background checks, repealing the immunity that protects gun manufacturers from liability, and yes, “address[ing] the mental health crisis deepening the trauma of gun violence, and as a consequence of that violence.”

It’s not just a big city problem anymore: gun violence can happen anywhere, and these tragedies are happening far too often. Americans can’t become numb to the news of another mass shooting because all of our lives are at stake. Take a closer look at some of the deadliest mass shootings in 2022 and how many lives have been affected by gun violence in just this year alone.


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