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Leonardo DiCaprio May Be On a Double-Date Vacation With His Mom — See Their Photos in France

Not only did Leonardo DiCaprio and his model girlfriend Camila Morrone arrive in France on May 24, but so did his mama Irmelin DiCaprio and her beau. Leonardo and his girlfriend of nearly five years Morrone were seen arriving at Club 55 (or L’Esqui Club) in St-Tropez, France. The same day, Irmelin and her boyfriend David Ward arrived by boat at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc in Antibes, France. When you pop the two locations into Google, you see that they’re only a 90-minute drive from one another. This has made many fans wonder, “what’s the occasion?”

Many have speculated that the two duos are there to appear during the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. However, just as many fans think the two arrived in France for a romantic double date vacation. Side note: how much fun do you think that date night would be?

Leonardo and Irmelin have always had a super close bond, so you know it’d be a cosmic night. Leonardo has frequently brought his mom along to red carpet events and gushed about her in interviews.

Back in 2015, when Leonardo won the Best Actor BAFTA award for his role in The Revenant, he ended up dedicating the award to his mom. Per the website, “I want to thank one more person. I didn’t grow up in a life of privilege. I grew up in a tough neighborhood in East Los Angeles, and this woman drove me three hours every day to a different school, to make sure I had a different opportunity. To my mother, it’s her birthday today; this is for you.”

Whether it’s for Cannes or a date night, everyone has their eyes on the tight-knit group.

See the photos of the couples hanging out in France.

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