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17 Celebrities Share What Their AAPI Heritage Means to Them

Every May, many celebrate their heritage for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month (AAPI), a month that highlights the work of those within these communities. In recent years, many proud AAPI stars have not only hit the entertainment world but have done trailblazing work. Kamala Harris became the first Indian-American Vice President, Olivia Rodrigo was dubbed the first mega Filipina star in Western music, and Sandra Oh became the first woman of Asian descent to earn an Emmy nomination for lead actress. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Times have been changing, with many AAPI stars showing the world that their culture is to be celebrated, not tokenized or made the center of hate. To celebrate the amazing achievements of our favorite AAPI stars, let’s look back at their inspiring (and brutally honest) quotes about what it’s been like to embrace their heritage. Often, it wasn’t easy, with many stars originally feeling ashamed of their heritage towards the beginning of their lives. But as time has gone by, all of them have truly embraced their awe-inspiring culture.

See what these stars have said about their heritage, including the importance of representation, how they’re changing the landscape of Hollywood and beyond, and more.

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