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Everything You Need To Know About Elon Musk’s Huge Family, Co-Parents, & 8 Children

Within the past decade, you can’t go anywhere without hearing people talk about billionaire Elon Musk. From his controversial Twitter deal to unique baby names, there’s more to the Tesla founder than meets the eye. Not only is Elon a bit of an enigma, but so is the whole family. We see his mama Maye Musk on the red carpet with Elon from time to time, but did you know his siblings are also big names in their fields? Along with that, it appears no one knows too much about their controversial father Errol. So you might wonder, “what’s up with the Musk family?”

Like any family, there are close bonds and some fiery relationships. Recently, Elon’s sister Tosca wrote an in-depth profile about mama Maye for Sports Illustrated that’s left people itching to know more about the family. In the piece, she said, “[Maye] always told us to do something important, to find a mission for why you do what you do. My goal is to empower women. My oldest brother, Elon, is all about humanity, making sure we survive. My middle brother, Kimbal, is all about food transparency, making sure people understand their own health. I think my mom inspired us to do all those things.”

Circling back to Elon, do you know he’s been married three times and welcomed eight children into the world? Trust us, there’s a lot most people don’t know about his personal life, including how his first marriage went down.

In case you’re wondering about the Musk family dynamic, Elon’s exes, and his many children, see the details below!

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